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Indigo Edge GPS Hardwired Low Cost GPS Devices

Indigo Edge GPS is consumer/ light commercial grade hardwired GPS tracking system which provides live tracking, journey replay and driver activity reporting, all in real-time. 


Indigo Edge GPS  suits all 12/24v vehicles, plant and equipment.


Installation is as simple as connecting 3 wires. +12/24V, Ground and an ignition source.

Professional onsite installation by trained IndigoGPS technicians is available at an additional cost in most capital cities and major town centres Australia Wide.


Indigo Edge GPS uses GPS satellite technology to find your car's location anywhere on earth. 

Indigo Edge GPS sends your car's location and vital information such as ignition status & current speed to the IndigoGPS Cloud via the mobile internet.

Use your internet connected computer or smartphone app to securely log into the IndigoGPS cloud. Locate your car, replay journeys and generate a range of reports.

Indigo Edge GPS  is for small business, medium business and families. It's a great product to GPS track your car or your loved ones car. It provides piece of mind and security.

Indigo Edge GPS is especially suited for personal use. Track your vehicles to improve security.



Live gps tracking

Using GPS technology, Indigo Edge GPS is able to pinpoint your exact location in real-time.


Journey replay

See where your Indigo Edge GPS  connected car has been and check it on a map.


Activity reporting

Report activity such as ignition on, ignition off, and speed.



Your IndigoGPS connected car can send you alerts via email when it is has detected movement outside of normal use, when it has been tampered with and more. 



What do I get ?

 When you order IndigoGPS Black you will receive:-

  • The Indigo Edge GPS Device (including a sim card which is sealed in the device)
  • A 12/24/36 month or lifetime Indigo Edge GPS data subscription on the Telstra network (In Australia)
  • A 12/24/36 month or lifetime subscription to the IndigoGPS App and PC Software
  • A unique username and password.



What happens after the subscription period ends?

IndigoGPS will send you a message to renew your subscription for a further 12 month period at the published rates on the IndigoGPS website.  If you don't renew, your IndigoGPS will no longer transmit any position data to the App.



What to do when you receive your IndigoGPS

1. Open the box an note down the IMEI number and Serial Number below the manufacturing Date

The last 8 digits of these are your username and password respectively.

(IndigoGPS shown below for information purposes only- Indigo Edge is a different colour and shape)



2. Install the Indigo Edge GPS in your car by following the instructions published on the IndigoGPS packaging. If you are unsure how to install, you can take your device to any auto electrician or auto accessory shop and ask them for installation.  Alternatively IndigoGPS has a team of qualified technicians which will come to your home or office to install the system.



3. Go

Select Login or download the iOS or Android App.


4. Enter your username and password



5. We recommend you change your password.


6. We recommend you join our Facebook Forum.


Join our online community forum to get the best out of your IndigoGPS and be kept up to date with new features, handy hints and learn how other in the IndigoGPS community are getting the best value and results out of their IndigoGPS.




Technical Specifications for the Gurus

General Specification
  • Dimensionz (L x W x H): 89mm x 72mm x 32mm
  • Weight: 102g
  • Power Source: DC 8 ~ 35V
  • Backup Battery: 1150mAh (Standard)
  • Power Consumption
  • < 50mA @ DC12V
  • < 4mA @ DC12V (Sleeping Mode)
  • Communication
  • 3G/UMTS/HSPA: 850/900/1800/2100 MHz
  • Type: GPS + GLONASS
  • Datum: WGS-84
  • Protocol: NMEA-183
  • Interface
  • Input Port: 1 x Digital Input Ports includes
  • 1 Positive Trigger to detect ignition on
  • Output Port: 1 x Negative
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE Compliant
  • FCC Certified
  • Australian C-tick & A-tick Compliant
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