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Please check the location of your OBDII port in your car prior to purchasing IndigoGPS.

Please ensure that once IndigoGPS is plugged into the OBDII port that it will not interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle.


Consider other options such as 

  • IndigoGPS Covert Installation Cable  - allows you to hide the location of the IndigoGPS and not show any evidence of any devices plugged into the OBDII port
  • IndigoGPS Extension cable - allows you to relocate the IndigoGPS device to an area which does not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle
  • IndigoGPS OBDII Bypass cable - for vehicles which do not have compatible OBDII ports.  On rare occassions IndigoGPS may cause error codes and lamps to display on vehicle dashboards. In most cases by unplugging IndigoGPS and turning the ignition on and  off, these error lamps will reset.  If this occurs we recommend ordering the IndigoGPS bypass cable.  All features apart from fuel consumption,  vehicle RPM and vehicle coolant temperature will function once the Bypass cable is installed.
  • IndigoGPS 12V Power DC Adapter - for 12V vehicles without an OBDII port.  These are generally vehicles manufactured prior to 1996.  ***Warning do not use on 24V vehicles or trucks****
IndigoGPS Dimensions are:-  50(W) x 28(H) x 42(D) (mm)


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